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The terrace board is designed for use as outdoor finishes and is subject to aggressive effects of natural phenomena (ultraviolet, temperature changes, humidity) and mechanical stress. Therefore, its main characteristic is resistance to putrefactive processes and deformation and decorativeness. To give the material these qualities, the board is subjected to a thorough mechanical treatment and calibration followed by treatment with a composition that adds protective functions (antiseptic polymer compositions, wax impregnation, oil emulsion). In modern production, composite technologies and heat treatment of wood are used.

The terrace board is covered if you need a wooden flooring outside the room, that is, in the open air. In order for this sawn timber to meet all the requirements of its installation conditions, it is necessary to ensure the following qualities:


  • Heat resistance and frost resistance (in our climate, these qualities are given great attention, because to preserve the tree for many years, it is necessary to make it so that it is resistant to critical temperatures);
  • Moisture resistance and slip reducing surface (this is especially important when laying near a water surface).

All these requirements are met when making terrace boards, which is why they do not have competitors meeting the same street requirements. There are many kinds of this lumber, but the main difference is the difference in the surface type (corrugated against slip and smooth).





or the Brazilian teak, has by its nature a unique appearance and a complex pattern of fibers. Despite everything, kumaru is very resistant to dampness, fungal attack, decay, decomposition and insects. Kumaru is the second most sold wood for flooring. Extensively used in mansions, five-star hotels and large commercial centers. Kumaru has a 50-year service life.




A deciduous tree comes from South America. It is one of the most beautiful and hard-to-access wood species in the world. The surprising fact is that it is a deciduous tree, very durable for bending. Amazing strength showed that the flooring of this material, twice as hard flooring from the Ipe and Californian mahogany.

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- dark, reddish-brown with interspersed golden veins, has a high content of oily substances and natural antiseptic. This rock has an increased wear resistance and moisture resistance, practically does not undergo deformation, decay and mold, it is twice as hard as the oak in hardness and density.

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- one of the best and available hardwoods, which has fine-grained wood, from light yellow to golden hue. Garapa is one exotic hardwood with natural resistance to decay, decomposition and insects. Garapa is resistant to scratches, which allows the surface of the floor to remain smooth for many years, which makes it a priority for outdoor use.




The best of the terrace board in the world. Working directly, representatives of our company select the best trees to provide our dear customers with a very high-quality board, at an affordable price. Our clinics are always confident in the quality of each chosen board. We carefully monitor the quality of the processed material and personally select the trees. Ipe terrace board is the best in the world.

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An amazing deciduous tree, one of the most accessible, has a unique color from golden brown to reddish brown with exotic, black or brown veins. The tiger tree is surprisingly resistant to decay, decomposition and insects. It is on the third place in sales.

The service life of the flooring from the planks of this tree is more than 30 years.