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Woodworking company АИМ wood

About us

The main line of work company is the construction sector. In particular, production of construction materials (shaped timber) used in the construction of houses made of wood-based materials. The company also produces a drying chamber, created with the aim of preparing wood-based materials for the construction of residential houses.


All the products are certified and have a number of necessary documents giving permission for the sale of products. Having all the documents demonstrating the safety of products, both for nature and safety of human life. Each product goes through strict control procedure that the buyer used only high-quality and safe material for building houses from profiled sac. Staff who manufactures products company has the highest level of skill and vast experience in the production of extremely high-quality products.


Our company proved to be excellent, for all time of its existence. Products of this association, known as in many cities of our country, and abroad. Due to the generally accepted quality standards, products, and products of the company, it is very popular as the permanent and among new customers. Regular improvement of production technology, as well as the preparation of the product, makes the obvious fact selection is AIM Wood UG.  As a decent supplier of manufactured their products.

Necessary to consider that on the quality of the wood influences environment in which the tree has grown. The Best performance will be at the tree who grew in the northern regions of the country. Due to the continued growth, annual rings of such Plants densely. A dry district and elevations influence differently on growing tree, its wood is dense and solid.


Pine logs from wetlands will have a more soft texture.


Coniferous species have similar the typical deficiencies, as well as other types of wood. For example, linden, aspen, poplar, ash, oak, chestnut and beech. The material can be bent, warp, warp and crack.


All the trouble can be avoided performing harvest and drying is of products in accordance with the regulations: pine is not stored in an open area where is under direct sunlight. Also, raw materials necessary to protect from drafts and of adverse weather conditions. For drying apply special lining, but at necessary clamps and press.


While selecting edged timber for construction, consider that on the durability of finished product will impact the quality of the material. Therefore, interested regions of harvested wood, preferring the northern forest. The time of year workpiece is also important. Harvest quality raw materials needed in the winter or in late autumn, when the sap flow terminated. A product should have a good external data and be being dry.